Our Story

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and a love for 'edible art supplies.'
Ten years ago, at the age of thirteen, I decided to exclude animal products from my diet. The vegan concept was very new in 2012, especially in my small town of rural Connecticut. 
Nonchalant to the status quo, I felt inspired by plants, particularly for their sweetness. A solid year of exuberant vegan baking led to a passion for optimizing nutrition through whole and fresh foods. 
When I moved to Portland, Oregon to attend Lewis & Clark College, my curiosities led me to study social worlds and the political economy of food systems.
The greater Portland region is a mecca for local food innovation--including farming, food processing, and collaborative efforts between growers and makers. 
During my final semester--shortly before COVID-19 struck--location, timing, and intuition felt aligned. I identified vegan chocolate mousse as a hole in the market.
As the pandemic brought wellness to a collective forefront, I fervently experimented in the kitchen to perfect a sweetly satiating product. 
I launched Goddess Mousse into farmers markets in Spring of 2021. In 2022, we've launched into PDX grocery chains. Our enthusiastic customers provide the energy to continue evolving this venture. Thank you, dearly. 
Crafted from local, organic, and fair trade ingredients, Goddess Mousse delivers nutrient-dense indulgence through elegantly bright flavors and unbelievably non-dairy texture. 
"Goddess" refers to plant innovation and sensory nourishment. I hope that each dreamy spoonful inspires a moment of delicious sparkle and grounded sweetness. 
- Kellan, Founder & Owner