Our Story

Ever since I was a young child, I’ve had a passion for dessert making. At the age of thirteen, I gave up animal products. Everyone fell in love with my treats and were shocked they were vegan. By age 15, I was catering birthday parties and converting rural Connecticut to plant-based before the trend took off.  
Driven by an interest in wellness, my sweet treat passions evolved towards healthy decadence. 
I created a maple sweetened chocolate mousse that was indistinguishable from its dairy analog, while being naturally rich in minerals and providing a good source of complete plant protein. 
When I moved to Portland, OR to attend Lewis & Clark College, I studied social sciences and developed a curiosity for food systems. 
Oregon is a mecca for local food innovation--including farming, food processing, and collaborative efforts between growers and makers. 
During my final semester--shortly before COVID-19 struck--location, timing, and intuition aligned. I identified vegan chocolate mousse as a hole in the market.
As the pandemic brought wellness to a collective forefront, I fervently experimented in my kitchen to perfect flavors built from local and organic fruits, nuts, and pure plant extracts. 
In Spring of 2021, I began selling Goddess Mousse at farmers markets. One year later, we launched into Zupan's Markets and Market of Choice! In 2023, we launched into New Seasons! 

The name Goddess Mousse was inspired by a story about the goddess of nutrition. We aspire to create nourishing desserts through elegantly nostalgic flavors and unbelievably non-dairy texture. 

I hope that each dreamy spoonful delivers satiating sparkle for balanced wellbeing.
~ Kellan, Founder & Owner