What is the shelf life of Goddess Mousse?

10 days in the fridge.

Goddess Mousse is a perishable product and must be kept refrigerated.

For longer storage, store jars in the freezer. Thaw refrigerated. 

When do you ship?

We ship Monday and Tuesday. Orders placed after Tuesday will be shipped the following week. 

I'd love to purchase Goddess Mousse from my local grocery store. When will you be there?

Check out our new retail locations: Store Locator 

If you wish to see Goddess Mousse sparkling on the shelf of the refrigerated dessert aisle, please request us to your store. Grocery buyers are highly influenced by customer requests. 

If the shelves are ever empty at one of our retail locations, ask a bakery staff to restock :)


Is Goddess Mousse vegan?

Yes! Our mousse is free from animal products. Plant-powered, darling. 


Is Goddess Mousse gluten free?

Yes! Our mousse is produced in a certified gluten-free kitchen.


 Is Goddess Mousse organic?

While we have not invested in third party certification, our cocoa, maple syrup, peanut butter, and orange oil are certified organic. We prioritize sourcing our ingredients from local producers who practice regenerative agriculture, but who may not be able to afford organic certifications. 


Does Goddess Mousse contain refined sugar?

Our chocolate mousses are sweetened with maple syrup. However, the raspberry syrup in Raspberry Chocolate Mousse contains organic & fair-trade cane sugar.


Does Goddess Mousse contain common allergens?

Do not eat Goddess Mousse if you are allergic to soy. Peanut Butter Chocolate contains peanuts. Orange Hazelnut Chocolate contains hazelnuts. We produce in a facility shared with coconut, peanuts, and tree nuts.


Which ingredients are locally sourced?

Our hazelnuts, raspberries, peppermint, and sea salt are harvested in Oregon. 

Our tofu is made in SE Portland. Learn more about our ingredients


Do you offer catering or special orders?

Yes! We would love to help make your event magical. Share your vision with us and we'll get back to you! 


Do you offer bulk sizes?

Yes! We offer bulk pints for both direct to consumer and food service. Our pints are fabulous for at home recipes; and we love supplying local restaurants with mousse for their menus! To order a pint, send us an inquiry and we'll be in touch! 


I'd love to collaborate!

We LOVE co-creating with local makers! Please reach out :) 


Other questions, feedback, or collaboration ideas?

We are delighted to hear from you.